barbara stanwyck and companyVisiting on the set of THE GORGEOUS HUSSY with
Joan Crawford in ‘Peggy 
Eaton’ costume and Jimmy
Stewart as ‘Rowdy’ Dow.  Henry Fonda is on the
far right.  Eaton, a Washington innkeeper¹s daughter
became Jackson’s unofficial First Lady (mistress) after
he was elected the seventh President of the United
States and so scandalized Jackson¹s Presidency
that the whole episode was called the Eaton Malaria.
THE GORGEOUS HUSSY was based on a book by Samuel Hopkins Adams, was directed by
Clarence Brown and starred Bob Taylor opposite Crawford, along with Lionel Barrymore,
Franchot Tone, Melvyn Douglas, and featured, among others, Jimmy Stewart. The great
character actress, Beulah Bondi, not pictured, stole the movie as ‘Rachel Jackson’.

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